Contact Information

Mira Engler, Ph. D.

Professor and Director of Graduate Program

Department of Landscape Architecture
146 College of Design
Iowa State University
Ames, IA, 50011

Tel (o) 515-294-8937

Tel (c) 310-709-8780

Fax 515-294-2348



One thought on “Contact Information

  1. Hi Mira
    Re Gordon Cullen
    I’ve just found your book about GC. I’m looking forward to looking at it closely, it sounds right up my street. I’m friends with Alan Powers.
    I consider GC to have been a kind of genius, and to be a very significant figure in the elaboration of a more widely comprehsible visual expression of modern urbanism in Britain. Building upon changes to the technical ocular formation of human vision assoicated with WW2.
    I work in communication design and have written about the Festival of Britain.
    V Best and congratulations.
    I’ll post about.

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